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This page is compiled in the hope that the information will be helpful to netters, but we have no way to guarantee its correctness. Any updated information is highly appreciated.
1. Mailing address
XXX Department
Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)
Wuhan, Hubei 430074

中国湖北省武汉市华中科技大学 XXX 系
Wuhan, Hubei, CHINA
2. Phone and FAX

As of January 1996, the campus phone system has been part of the Wuhan city phone system, with the prefix 8754. If you dial from US, you dial 011-86-27-8754-xxxx, where 86 is China's country code and 27 is the city code of Wuhan. All campus phone numbers are now 4 digits (no more 3 digits numbers). I believe that all 4-digit number were not affected by the change, and there must be a rule to convert the 3-digit numbers to 4-digits.

There is no phone number for you to call to connect to a particular person or extension. Instead, you have to call the operator to find out a particular number in HUST and then dial yourself. The number of the operator is 8754-1114.

The FAX numbers of HUST are 8754-8737, 8754-5438. I do NOT know which department the machines belong to and do not know if they work at all.

(From Fang Zhong, The fax number 8754-5438 was located in the "South 3rd Building 南三楼", originally mainly serving for the headquarters of HUST. Now this fax number is available for all the teachers in HUST, if you write down the detailed Department on the fax page. (end)

3. Email

Although the email system in HUST is well established, I do not know a general way that you may address a particular person in HUST. However, if you need to contact a person in an emergency, I may ask some of my email correspondents to help you. But please, use this channel only when absolutely neccessary.

Yidao Cai
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