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HUST was founded in 1953. The Chinese name was 华中工学院 and was renamed to 华中理工大学 in Feburary 1989. This new name might better reflect its English name which was officially in use at least since 1982. Another English name used was Huazhong Institute of Technology. HUST has a total full time enrollment of about 15000, with about 2000 of them being graduate students in mid-1990's. Its academic departments range from traditional engineering to letters and science, bussiness, and biomedical sciences.

On May 26, 2000, HUST merged with Tongji Medical University 同济医科大学 in Hankou, Wuhan Urban Construction Institute 武汉城市建设学院 next door, and Wuhan Zhigong Keji Daxue 武汉职工科技大学 by East Lake, forming the new HUST (Huazong Keji Daxue 华中科技大学).

The current president is Professor Fan Mingwu 樊明武. Past presidents are Professor ZHOU JI 周济, now Minister of Education of China, and Professor YANG Shuzi 杨叔子 from Department of Mechanical Engineering I. He was also the first Academian 学部委员, 院士 in HUST.

An official introduction of HUST is maintained inside China on HUST campus. While the original motivation of mirroring pages on campus was the slow internet connection speed, these mirrors are now a way of keeping history.

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