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  1. Domain name ( has been donated by Michael Luo and Tom Gong.
  2. Since 2007 the cost of hosting HUST.ORG is fully supported by YWPW Services, which operates YWPW Chinese Visa Service, YnP Travel, and YnP Store.
  3. Revenues generated from advertising and Amazon affiliates now go to HUSTAA programs.
  4. Space is no longer a problem. We have enough space for storing pictures.

[2005/03/20] Previously we asked that each association using the site to contribute towards the hosting cost for that site. I'd like to let you know that we've reduced the cost of web site hosting and also generated some through the affiliate program with Amazon. As a result, we expect our out of pocket cost to maintain the web site will be very small and will be covered by individual donations. So at this time I would like to invite HUST overseas alumni organizations to establish a web site on or move existing web site to Please read the following on how this would works. Email: hustaa @ hust . org

Dear all,

I am writing to you regarding a unified HUST alumni site. We can have a single site and each alumni association will have names like,, but will be all under I will summarise you the rational, feasibility and technical aspect behind this idea, based on exchanges with several of you. For details please refer to several email excepts enclosed at the end.

This message is sent to contacts of HUST alumni at different places that I can find (see list at the end), please feel free to forward to current contacts at your area or other area not on the list.

1. Rational

Save money: we only need to pay one domain name and one hosting fee, and that can be shared by participating organizations.

Convenient for users: they only need to remember one name.

2. Feasibility

Domain name: Michael Luo and Tom Gong registered years ago (1997?) and they offered to host the alumni web site, which did not happen at that time. Now I got into contact with Michael and he agreed that we can use it.

Hosting: The offering at iPower (which Mr. Chen Yu selected to host or has all functions we need (ftp accounts, cgi-bib etc). At we only use less than 100 MB space currently. I estimate that each assocation will use 10-20 MB.

Cost: web hosting costs $42 per year. The domain name costs ~$15 per year. We expect to pay the cost with our advertising program (see support program details). Under the worst case, we may share the cost among the participating associations. Currently Houston, Michigan and Southern CA are committed.

3. Technical consideration

Each association will have its own directory to store web pages. The site offers ftp accounts to upload files. For example, Houston will have the "houston" directory, when it logs in as houston, it will only have access to the houston directory.

Besides directories for different associations, we will have a common area for all HUST alumni for purposes of news concerning all alumni, alumni directory, alumni forum, etc. This is basically the content we have at We will have a committee to manage these areas. The members of the committee comes from different associations and will use the main account to access to those areas. So we probably will limit the number of committee members to, say 3-5, and the members can be rotated.

Although space is not much a problem, we probably want to limit the time big images are stored on the site. Pictures of alumni assocition activities can be stored temporarily, say 1-2 months, for members to download. We can work out the details later.

Alumni Forum: this is an area that members can post anything related to HUST and alumni. The program can automatically detect and deny spammers from posting too much data and we also can easily delete any unwanted posts. Adding a forum to an individual association is as easy as editing the configuration file. For example, we can add one for Houston, to post messages interested to houston alumni only.

Alumni List: Current program supports automatic update, search and classification. People can choose not to display their email. If there is a need for it, we can modify the program to add functions like not displaying information about an alumnus on the web page, however, his/her will be available to a particular association, and s/he can still take advantage of the automatic update system. We can also let the program automatically generate email lists for use by alumni associations.

We welcome your suggestions and will be glad to discuss any questions you may have.

This page was created by Yidao Cai on 2005/03/20. Last modified on 2010/08/05.

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