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1. Book online travel products (flights, hotels, car, cruise), Chinese visa

  • YWPW Chinese Visa: Use coupon code "HUSTORG", and will get 10% of service fee.
  • Medical tourism in China
  • YnP Travel: Hotel, flight and car, all coming from the same search engine used by big online book companies, but just at a lower price, because the YnP passes part of the profit to customers.

    Search hotels on map, find hotels at the exact location you want.
    The China-US flights from YnP may not as cheap as local agencies 60% of time, but all other flights and hotels are cheaper or at least the same price as the big ones.


Providing export Excel/VBA consulting. will get 10% of service fee.

3. Buy products from amazon etc.


1. Please shop around, if you find a better price somewhere else, go for it. We don't want you to pay more in order to benefit our web site.

2. You may click on the links on this page or other pages on our alumni site. If you do not finish purchasing, please start from links on our site next time. We will not get credit if you go directly to their sites.

  • Proven to work. We get 4-5% of the sale. If you are shopping on Amazon anyway, why don't you start from links here every time and support our web site?
Please support ourselves!

4. Donations

Your donation will be handled by Greater Houston Huanzhong University of Science and Technology Alumni Association (HUSTAA). HUSTAA is a registered non-profit organization, 501(c)(3), and your donation is deductable from your personal income tax. We will issue a receipt upon receving your donations. We especially encourage donations from alumni whose company matches your donations.

Please make your check payable to "HUSTAA", and put a note on check either for "HUST alumni web site" or for "HUST alumni scholarship" on your check, then send to:


for more information, email hustaa @ hust . org

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